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Principal's Message

With every school year, we anticipate change.  Our new 7th grade students/parents will experience middle school for the first time.  Students will face the challenge of class changes, lockers, and have an opportunity to participate in clubs and athletics.  While our 8th grade students/parents are familiar with the middle school experience, they will adjust to a new bell schedule.  We want students and parents to embrace the many changes socially, emotionally, and academically you will face during middle school.  Change is inevitable and navigating middle school will be interesting, challenging, and most of all rewarding.  While you and your child will experience many changes, Norton Middle School will continue to hold high expectations in all that we do.  Your child will have a quality educational opportunity that is caring, nurturing, and safe. 

Important Tips For Success at Middle School:

The number one priority for students should be attendance.  Research shows that students who attend school daily and on time are more successful in the classroom and on standardized tests.  Being late or not in attendance takes away from important instructional time students need to be successful.  You can never get back discussions, demonstrations, or explanations that make learning come alive.  Building a solid habit of being on time and engaged in learning also prepares your child to meet the many demands of the work force. 


More ways to improve your child’s school attendance:

Talk to your child about why being on time and engaged in learning is important.

Avoid scheduling appointments or trips during school hours.  Do not remove your child from school early.

Eating nutritional meals, exercise, and getting ample sleep will help your child stay healthy.

If your child comes up with an excuse to be late or not attend, dig deeper to find out why he/she does not want to attend school.

Discuss what your child is doing each day, who they are hanging out with, and their likes/dislikes.

Support the school rules and consequences for tardies and not attending.

Talk about why education is important to their success as an adult.

Lead by example. 


Students Get Involved!!  Be sure to get involved in middle school.  There are several clubs, sports, and activities to join at NMS.  You will enjoy your middle school experience more if you are involved.  Take ownership of your learning and find a club, sport, or activity that interests you. 


Additions to the Newsletter

We are adding two new sections to our newsletter: Leadership and Health/Wellness.  Be sure to see the new, informative articles. 


Important Dates

Fall Athletic Parent/Student Meeting – August 2nd, auditorium, 6:00pm

Schedule Pick-Up/Open House on August 22nd, in the cafeteria, from 4:30-6:00pm

First Day of School – August 24th, the bell rings at 9:00am   Be on time!


Tresa Davis,

NMS Principal