Principal's Message

Norton Middle School has implemented a few new expectations this year and they are making a positive impact on the climate and culture of the building. We know that students strive in both mind and body when they have good nutrition. We are setting high standards for better eating and drinking habits at NMS. We are discouraging students from bringing large bags of chips, candy, energy drinks, and sugary coffee drinks to school. With the help of parents/guardians and some educational information, we hope to shape better eating and drinking habits with our students. Improved nutrition helps fuel the brain for better thinking and stamina.

We also know that students thrive when they are free from distracting elements such as cellphones and electronics. This year we are asking students to keep cellphones and electronics off and put away during the school day. Why? Cellphones have a tendency to become disruptive, distracting, and often lead to social media issues. When students tune into their screens, they are not tuned into face-to-face conversations with others. Since implementing the cellphone/electronics policy, we have noticed a decrease in incidents related to social media. During the lunch period we ask students to keep their electronics off for the first ten minutes. Once students get through the lunch line they are permitted to have cellphones and electronics until the end of the period. We are seeing an increase in students making face-to-face conversation, eating instead of playing video games, and the lunch lines move much quicker giving students more time for positive interactions.

With the help of parents/guardians, we will continue to improve students’ nutritional habits and communication skills, both of which are important for students’ academic success and for the real world.

I would like to introduce Caylin Stevens, our Community In Schools support person (CIS). Ms. Stevens will be working with NMS students on social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. We are happy Caylin will be at NMS to provide support for our students.

Tresa Davis,

NMS Principal