Parent Resources

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The Free Store is open to families in need. It is located at 2684 Columbus Street (Grove City United Methodist) and serves all families in South Western City Schools.  People of ALL faith persuasions are welcome.

Shopping at the Free Store requires a photo ID for the head of the family. This information remains confidential. Children being served need one of the following items: birth certificate, social security card, school ID, health card or other form of ID. 

The Free Store has sizes from toddler to 3x adult and provides two complete outfits per person per month; one pair of shoes (if in stock); two outer garments (coats or jackets; one per season); and one packet of underwear and socks per eight weeks.

Store hours are 6pm-8pm Wednesday nights. No appointment is needed. People are served on a first come first served basis. If a family cannot make the regular store hours, special arrangements can be made by calling or texting John Hampson at 614-313-4666 or emailing

Also, check this link for a comprehensive list of community resources that may be helpful.