Writer's Club

WHAT?      Writing Club is a place for you to work on your written creativity

WHEN?      Thursdays after school, 4:15-5:00PM

WHERE?   Room 1403

WHO?        Ms. Stewart & Ms. Secrest

WHY?       If you have innovative or creative long term goals, this is where you can begin putting those skills to work. This hour will allow you the freedom to write stories, comic books, songs, movies, plays, create illustrations and animations and so much more. You can also collaborate with others to enhance your own work. The creative options have no limit! 

HOW?       If you would like to be a part of Writer's Club, please see Ms. Stewart or Ms. Secrest for a permission slip. This must be completed and turned in to be able to participate. If you do sign up, you are encouraged to be there weekly. If you are unable to make it please let Ms. Stewart or Ms. Secrest know. Parents may reach them by leaving a message in the main office (614-801-3700) or by emailing - Justina Stewart or Olivia Secrest