Awards & Recognitions

2020-2021 Reflections Program

Congratulations to the following students! The work that they entered into the "Reflections" program was selected as outstanding representations of our district and will move on to be judged at the state level, along with the work from the students across the entire state of Ohio.

Thank you to all the students who participated this year and the families that helped support them at home. This is the most winners Norton has ever had!


Tahira Abdallah - First Place

Maxwell Cash - Second Place

Skye Nelson - Third Place

Gavan Harris - Fourth Place

Tamara Karanja - Fifth Place

Maria Andrade - Sixth Place


Christopher Boyes - First Place

McKell Runyon - Second Place

Maria Andrade - Third Place


Allie Gunn - First Place

Anna Fernando - Second Place

Gavin Morgan - Third Place

Alyssa Adkins - Fourth Place

Ariyah Spillman - Fifth Place

Christian Reed - Sixth Place

Abdul Diallo - Selected

Patience Miller - Selected

Richard Garcia - Selected

Bruce Nuesmeyer - Selected

Gregory Gladden - Selected