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1. Call (614) 801-3190.

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Please enjoy the Norton Middle School 2019-2020 Honor's Awards Video. Congratulations to all of our Wildcats!

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May 15, 2020

Dear Norton Families,

As we finish the 2019-2020 school year, I want to say how proud I am of our students, our staff and all of our families for your flexibility, your commitment to learning, and your perseverance during this incredibly unusual time. Starting Tuesday, May 26th through Friday, May 29th, we will offer curb-side retrieval ( pick-up) of student materials and drop-off of school items.

  • School Items: If you have items that need to be returned, such as library books, any classroom property, teacher-loaned materials can be dropped off at Station #1 - Drop-Off.
  • Personal Items: For those students who did not clean out their locker, we bagged the contents of your locker. You can drive by to pick up the items left in your locker. You will need to know your locker number and provide your first and last name when you drive up to Station #2 - Drop-Off/Pick-Up. This will not include paper products or any teacher given consumables.
  • Chromebooks: Students are strongly encouraged to keep their school issued Chromebooks over the summer. Students will be able to return the Chromebook in the Fall when school resumes. If your child is in grade PK-11 but you believe you will be moving out of the district over the summer, please return your Chromebook to NMS.
  • IF you have no items to return to school and nothing to pick up, YOU DO NOT NEED TO VISIT THE SCHOOL SITE.

      • TUESDAY, MAY 26
          • 8:30-11:00am 7th Grade Last name A-M
          • 12:00-2:30pm 7th Grade Last name N-Z
          • 4:00-6:30pm 7th Grade Students of Essential Workers
      • WEDNESDAY, MAY 27
          • 8:30-11:00am 8th Grade Last name A-Z
          • 12:00-2:30pm 8th Grade Last name N-Z
          • 4:00-6:30pm 8th Grade Students of Essential Workers
      • THURSDAY, MAY 28
          • 8:30-11:00am 7th Grade Last name A-Z
          • 12:00-2:30pm 8th Grade Last name A-Z
          • 4:00-6:30pm 7th or 8th Students of Essential Workers
      • FRIDAY, MAY 29
          • 8:30-11:00am 7th or 8th BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
          • 12:00-2:30pm 7th or 8th BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

*Please call (614)801-3700 to schedule an appointment.

How do I Pick-Up or Drop-Off items?

We ask that all people remain in your car and wear a mask for the safety of everyone involved. It is imperative that you follow the plan designed for the flow of traffic, to reduce wait time and to keep everyone healthy and safe! If you have multiple students in our building, you are welcome to pick-up materials at one time.

Please follow the signs and directions when you enter the property, so you are in the correct line. There will be one line to Drop-Off materials and a separate line for Drop-Off and Picking-Up items (instruments, items left in a locker). Remember, the only students who need to pick up items are those students who did not clean out their locker or those students who need to pick up their instrument.

Station #1 - Drop-Off Line Only: If your child is returning school owned items, please drive through Station #1 - Drop-Off Line, located in the front of the building (student pick up line). Please drop-off the items on the tables near the posted signs example: Library Books, Chromebooks, Chromebook chargers, teacher’s book, other. It is a good idea to label the returned items with your students first and last name. You are also free to bag the items for return. If your child is returning materials for a particular teacher, be sure to indicate the teacher's name on the item along with your child’s name, example: Sally Smith - for Mrs. Davis.

Station #2 - Drop-Off/Pick-Up: If your child needs to drop off and pick-up items left in their locker or an instrument, pull in to Station #2 Drop-Off and Pick-Up located on the side of the building (near the gym). Please remain in your vehicle and give the staff member your students last name and locker number. A staff member will bring your child’s bagged items (from locker/instrument)) and place them on the table. After your child has received their items, pull forward to drop off any school owned items you need to return. Place the items on the table near the designated signs.

We ask that you please be patient with us during this time! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the building at (614) 801- 3700. As a reminder, for the most up to date information on school closures and COVID-19, please visit the district webpage at There you will find a link on the left hand side titled “Coronavirus”. This page is filled with general information, frequently asked questions, parent letters sent from the Superintendent as well as many other helpful resources. The NMS website also provides important information. We wish all of our students and their families a safe and healthy end of the school year.


Tresa Davis


Norton Middle School

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